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Die design and fabrication solution

Ready-to-go dies, backed up by extensive analysis and trials

In addition to designing stand-alone dies, we also work with customers throughout the whole product development process from product design and manufacturing analysis to process design and trial pressing. Our dies, created through our deep understanding of the field and advanced simulation technology, are delivered with minimal lead time, ready for use.

Die design and prototyping flowchart


Product design with 3D CAD/CAM


For a forged piece, for example, we use customer-supplied design drawings to develop an efficient design with machining allowances that can be removed in a later process.

Forming analysis (fabrication and forming simulation)

A virtual press provides a software simulation of pressing, making it possible to analyze die shape and pressing parameters and fulfill product requirements. Simulations are possible for motion of crankshafts, helical gears, and bevel gears, as well as for gear tooth mesh dynamics.

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Die design based on analysis results

Analysis results are used to optimize die design. The forming simulation, along with analysis results for temperature and pressure on the die, make it possible to select the optimal die materials.

5-axis machine for R&D and trial pressings

5-axis machine for R&D and trial pressings

This 5-axis press, developed with a forging machinery manufacturer as the first machine of its type in the industry, is used for trial pressings with cold-forging dies. It helps develop the ideal manufacturing method with lower cost and environmental impact, including flashless closed-die forging, powder forming, single-shot pressing, and more. Parameter data acquired in trial pressings can be used in volume production to further reduce your lead time.

Reverse engineering with the digitizer

Reverse engineering with the digitizer

3D measurement equipment makes possible reverse engineering, where a shape can be measured and then replicated. We’ve applied the technology to die fabrication, creating new dies from existing dies that lack drawings, or when complex shapes cannot be accurately represented in CAD data.