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Materials solution

Let us help you solve your manufacturing problems. The first step is materials.

We evaluate the application, specifications, manufacturing parameters, required precision and other points, investigate which manufacturing method is most appropriate, and recommend the optimal material rapidly. It’s possible because we have over half a century of experience as a trading company working in special steels and excellent connections with reliable suppliers.

Material proposal flowchart

Material proposal flowchart

Bar, wire, and tube stock

Metal powder

Die-forged members and cold-rolled parts

Structural steel

We handle all major special steels, including with chrome, molybdenum, nickel, and other elements, and can select the alloy delivering the requisite strength, toughness, temper, and other characteristics.

■Major applications: Automotive parts, industrial machinery parts, etc.

Stainless steel

Special stainless steels are available for applications demanding resistance to corrosion, heat, acid, etc.

■Major applications: Chemical, foodstuff, and other industrial plants, pollution control machinery, etc.

Tool steel

The most commonly used die steel, and one of the major types we handle. Specific steels are selected for requisite performance including resistance to impact, wear, fatigue, and elevated temperature, as well as machinability.

■Major applications: Hot- Warm- and cold-forging, cutting, diecasting, extrusion, and other dies.

Powdered high-speed steel

Powdered high-speed steel offers excellent toughness, strength, and wear resistance. Our products are known for their purity, consisting of solidified powder steel manufactured through vacuum melting and gas atomizing.

■Major applications: Cold-forging dies, cutting tools, steel-rolling rolls, etc.