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Corporate profile

Established April 16, 1965
Capitalization 95.2 million yen (190,400 outstanding shares)
President and representative director Atsushi Washino
Product lineup Special steel: Structural carbon steel, structural steel alloys, hot- and cold-forged tool steel, powdered high-speed steel, stainless steel
Fabricated products: Hot- and cold-forging dies and die components (design and manufacture)
Jigs and tools, cemented carbide items, aerospace components (manufacture)
Special steel products: Precision-forged products, general forged-steel products, precision die-stamped products, polished bar steel, irregular-shaped drawn products
Health care products: Custom-made insoles
Net sales 7,646million yen (Dec. 2020, consolidated)
Major clients Aisin AW, Aisin Seiko, Suzuki Motor, Denso, Toyota Motor, Nissan Motor, Honda Motor, Mitsubishi Electric, Yamaha Motor, NTN, etc.


Head Office

78-1 Tsuruike, Inuyama, Aichi
484-0963 JAPAN
Phone: +81-568-67-6701 (operator)
Fax: +81-568-67-6708

Hamamatsu Sales Office

3-15-11 Azukimochi, Naka-ku,
Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 433-8113 JAPAN
Phone: +81-530-430-1880
Fax: +81-530-430-1888

Northeast Japan Sales Office

2-18 shitamachi, Oomiya, Saitama
330-0844 JAPAN
Phone: +81-048-637-5205 (operator)
Fax: +81-048-637-5210

Kyushu Sales Office

2-7-27 Hakataekihigashi, Hakataku, Fukuoka-city Fukuoka
812-0013 JAPAN
Phone: +81-092-412-1016
Fax: +81-092-412-1026

Corporate highlights

April 1965 Established in Nagoya, Aichi.
August 1968 Steel warehouse and sales office opened in Chita.
April 1973 Sales partnership begun with Uddeholm Tooling (Sweden).
June 1974 Tokyo Sales Office opened.
June 1975 Capital increased to 15 million yen.
September 1979 Steel warehouse and office opened in Inuyama; Inuyama Plant opened.
October 1984 Home office moved from Nagoya to Inuyama.
April 1985 New head office building and tool plant opened.
March 1987 Capital increased to 24 million yen.
June 1989 Steel warehouse and office built in Handa, Aichi; Handa Office opened.
December 1989 Tool plant opened adjacent to Inuyama Head Office.
March 1990 Capital increased to 48 million yen.
January 1995 Capital increased to 75 million yen with investment by Nagoya Small Business Investment Company.
February 1995 New addition to tool plant completed, and high-precision machinery and 3D measurement systems installed for die design.
May 1995 Capital increased to 95.2 million yen.
January 1998 Hamamatsu Sales Office opened.
August 1999 Constant temperature/precision plant opened for ultra-precision die fabrication.
November 1999 Indiana Die Tec, Inc. established in Columbus, Indiana, USA
July 2000 Inuyama Head Office and Handa Office obtain ISO 9001 certification.
December 2000 Test stamping-die building constructed on Inuyama Head Office site.
December 2001 Tokyo Sales Office moved from Shinjuku, Tokyo to Oyama, Tochigi; name changed to Northeast Japan Sales Office.
March 2002 Die manufacturing subsidiary IDT Tools, Inc. established in Frankfort, Kentucky (USA).
November 2003 Inuyama Head Office and Handa Office obtain ISO 14001 certification.
January 2005 Designated as an “Aichi Quality Company” by Aichi Prefecture.
February 2005 Received the “MADE IN NAGOYA brand” award from the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
November 2005 Received the Medium and Small Business Research Institute Prize 2005 (now the Good Company Award) from the Medium and Small Business Research Institute.
February 2007 Tomakomai Sales Office opened.
March 2007 Tool plant spun off as Meitoku Tools, Inc.
October 2007 New head office building opened.
April 2010 Die manufacturing subsidiary Hamana Die Tec, Inc. established in Hamamatsu.
May 2011 Inuyama Head Office and Meitoku Tools, Inc. obtain JIS Q9100 certification for aerospace component manufacturing.
March 2012 Die manufacturing subsidiary PT. Meitoku-Wadayama Indonesia established in Karawang, Indonesia.
September 2012 Die manufacturing subsidiary Meitoku Hokkaido, Inc. established in Abira, Yufutsu-gun, Hokkaido.
September 2012 Hokuriku Seitan Co., Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary.
November 2012 Hamamatsu Sales Office relocated to inside Hamana Die Tec, Inc.
October 2014 Business of custom-made insole of LaNICO started.